Colombian El Bomba Organic Coffee (Free Delivery)

Colombian El Bomba Organic Coffee (Free Delivery)

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Region: Colombian

Farm: El Bombo Organic

Variety: Castillo, Colombia and Caturra

Altitude: 1650-2100 masl

Processing: Washed 

Notes: Dark chocolate profiteroles, toffee, redcurrant with syrupy mouthfeel

Farm & Location

El Bombo is located in Bombo village in Pitalito South Huila. Asobombo is committed to sustainability, organic farming and high differentiation of coffee. The region of Pitalito in South Huila is the largest producer of coffee in Columbia. Known for its highlands and favourable climate, the region has produced multiple cup of excellence winners and is recognised worldwide for its high quality production. With its high altitude and rich volcanic soils, Pitalito coffees are characterised by a distinct acidity with notes of stone fruit, chocolate and caramel.