What you’ll need:
Chemex carafe Kettle Hot Water Just off boiling
Chemex filter Papers Fresh Course ground Coffee Scales & timer

Brewing time: 3 – 4 minutes

Step 1
The amount of coffee and water depends on type of coffee and preferred strength.
We recommend 45 grams of coffee and 750ml of water (approx. 30g coffee per 500ml of water) as a starting point and then adjust to personal taste.

Coffee ground to a coarseness resembling granulated sugar.

Step 2
Place filter paper into Chemex with the triple fold of the filter paper facing the pour spout.

Step 3
Saturate the filter paper in the Chemex and warm the vessel with hot water then discard the liquid.

Step 4
Pour the coffee grind into the filter paper and level off the grinds with a gentle shake.

Step 5
Place the Chemex on a set of scales and zero them. Add twice the amount of water as you have coffee into the grounds for example 45g of coffee so add 90g of water. Pour from the centre and gently work your way outwards in a continuous circular motion avoiding pouring down the sides of the filter. Now wait for 30-40 secs to allow the coffee to bloom, this is when the coffee begins to bubble and release gases.

Step 6
Continue to add the hot water 150-200g at a time in a circular motion and remember not to pour water on the filter.

Step 7
The water should finish flowing within 4 mins and continue dripping for about a 1 minute after. If this process takes longer then adjust your grinds and increase your pour rate if it’s too quick pour more slowly.

Step 8