What you’ll need:
Aeropress 15-18g fresh finely ground coffee Aeropress filters
Spoon Scales Kettle

Brewing time: 1-2 mins

Step 1
Measure out 15-18g of fresh ground coffee and 200ml of boiling water.

Step 2
Insert a clean fresh filter paper into the Aeropress detachable holder cap.

Step 3
Wet the filter paper with some hot water to rinse away any papery taste from the filter.

Step 4
Assemble the 2 remaining pieces of the Aeropress and stand on its end with flared end up and carefully add the fresh ground coffee.

Step 5
Add approximately 30-40ml/grams of boiling water to the coffee, now wait for 30-40 secs to allow the coffee to bloom, this is when the coffee begins to bubble and release gases.

Step 6
After the 30 seconds have elapsed add the remaining water leave for 1 minute and then stir 10 times and then screw on the cap and filter.

Step 7
Place a cup or vessel over the end on the Aeropress and carefully flip the device over 180 degrees and begin to slowly apply a constant downward pressure until liquid expelled.

Step 8